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Yes! Our office accepts insurance and Direct Billing for All major Auto insurance providers if  you encounter an MVA related injury for you or your family.  Regular chiropractic and massage visits may be direct billed to eligible  Alberta Blue Cross, Sun Life, and GreenShield plans. Contact us for details.

Call us for details and to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your coverage.


Did you know that most group benefits plans and third party insurance carriers offer some coverage for chiropractic services, massage therapy and custom foot orthotics?

Come in and then check into your plan for details.

Covered by an Alberta Blue Cross Plan?

Please let us know and provide us with your policy number so that we may directly bill them from our clinic.

Are you an Alberta resident over the age of 65?

Alberta Blue Cross has you partially covered for chiropractic benefits of up to 8 visits at $25 per visit per health care year from July 1 to June 30. This care includes partial payment for chiropractic check-ups and regular adjustments.

Section B Benefits of all Alberta Insured vehicles cover Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) on a no fault basis. Regardless of fault, You are entitled to services including chiropractic evaluation and treatment, laser therapy, and massage therapy. Be sure to notify us if you’ve been injured or want to be checked after an MVA related incident.

Sorry we no longer accept Alberta Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) injury cases. However we would be happy to see you for non-WCB claims even if work stress or strain was a factor. 

Specific work related injuries may be covered by Alberta WCB. We do not accept WCB claims,  Please be advised that if you are making a WCB claim, see an authorized WCB Provider for treatment of a work-related injury.

No coverage? …we understand. Up to one third of our patients do not have coverage for their services and choose a healthier lifestyle choice through chiropractic care and what we offer at Centre for Chiropractic Care. Many of our patients value what we offer as an invaluable service, drug free choices to getting well and staying well.

Schedule Your Consultation

Let our staff help you decide a course of action for your health problem.  Simply call us or click to request a consultation appointment. Come in for a consultation to see if we might be able to help you. Your care is our care.

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Crowfoot Location

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