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We love New Patients!

Why do we love you as a new patient? …because it’s your unique opportunity to experience an industry-leading thorough first assessment. One of our very qualified chiropractors will offer you their years of experience working with people just like you. Remember, years of clinical experience with real patients gives you the confidence of an accurate opinion about your problem. You always get to decide what care works for you. Experience the difference!

We are thorough and go above and beyond to keep timely!

Beginning firstly with providing us with your written information. You have the opportunity to ask to complete your New Patient Form, 10 minutes or so of paperwork in the convenience of your home or office and email it back to us. Or simply come in at least 15 minutes prior to your New Patient appointment time so that you may get comfortable with our clinic and that we get to know you and set up your file prior to you seeing your Chiropractor or Registered Massage Therapist.

A chiropractic New Patient appointment takes at least 30 minutes. As your chiropractor, we take a thorough history and asks you about the what, how and whys you feel the way you do.

After this thorough medical history, your Chiropractor will rely on their wide range and years of clinical experience to perform a detailed physical examination of pertinent areas of concern. First, to accurately assess and determine the specific cause of your problem whenever possible.

Further X-rays or other specific tests may be necessary to further assess your condition. In some cases you may be referred to a medical physician. We are always interested in your best care.

After the thorough assessment, your Chiropractor will discuss your case specifics with you and your treatment options available to you. Only after this discussion and answering your questions, and your signed consent will we offer and begin your treatment.

Safe and effective treatment is what we do best. Commonly we can offer a treatment on your New Patient visit in order to begin helping you to feel better as soon as possible. Treatment may be a spinal adjustment, laser therapy, soft tissue therapy, and good sound advice.

The next follow up appointment is for a formal Report of Findings. This important scheduled appointment is to review your case and test results if applicable. If you have X-rays to show us, your chiropractor will review them with you in person. (a detail often skipped in other busy clinics) so that you can see for yourself as we explain your condition.

And we do our best to answer your questions about your specific case details. It’s consistent, thorough attention to your care like this that you can expect from us for you, your family and friends.

Care and attention to people like you has earned us a great reputation and referrals at each of our two Centre for Chiropractic Care – conveniently located Calgary clinics – Downtown and Crowfoot, Northwest.

Remember our mission is to serve and care for you:

“Inspiring and helping you achieve your health and wellness goals, naturally.”

Schedule Your Consultation

Let our staff help you decide a course of action for your health problem.  Simply call us or click to request a consultation appointment. Come in for a consultation to see if we might be able to help you. Your care is our care.

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Our Chiropractor or Registered Massage Therapist goes through a thorough assessment to determine the root of your pain. Using a multidisciplinary approach we work together to chart out a treatment plan for your effective relief, health and wellness.
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After scheduling a confirmed consultation appointment as a new patient, you’ll need to complete some important forms relating to your health history. After that, it all begins with your detailed history and examination taken by your chiropractor.

Our well experienced Calgary Chiropractors perform a thorough clinical examination and order necessary tests. We’ll review your case and test results with you and answer your questions in a proper report of findings. Only after having done so, we’ll discuss your treatment options and your consent for treatment. You choose the care that’s right for you.

Our Chiropractors are experts in our field. We believe in giving you our expert opinion, treatment options, and a recommended course of care to achieve the most efficient and effective results for you.

We believe in results based and client centered care with a focus on correcting your underlying problems whenever possible. This is called Corrective Care versus care from crisis to crisis which often leads to chronic painful conditions.

Relief is always the first goal of care. Relief as soon as possible, lasting relief secondly and proper follow-up visits to ensure your lasting and long term results are sustainable.


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Contact Us

Crowfoot Location

(403) 239-2245

#9, 400 Crowfoot Crescent NW,
Calgary, Alberta T3G 5H6, CANADA

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Downtown Location

(403) 237-5200

Main Floor, BP Centre
Suite 104, 240 4th Ave. SW

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