“After over thirty years of Chiropractic care from various average Chiropractors I have finally found some outstanding professionals who listen to my description of difficulty and then provide me with exceptional treatment that brings me RELIEF! Everyone including reception, Massage therapist and Chiropractors, have been wonderful to deal with. They also follow up with me to make sure I return for maintenance treatment that is most effective. It is great to know these dedicated practitioners who take their work and patient care seriously.”

Don, Calgary

“Very knowledgeable chiropractors who have helped with my headaches and jaw pain, as well as improved my posture. Acupuncture and massage are also great!”

–  name withheld

“I’ve always received great results by having either chiropractic or massage therapy sessions at Centre for Chiropractic Care. Most recently they have helped me work through a sports injury and we are I’m now back to just maintaining positive health. Thank you!”

–  name withheld

“Have gone for treatment following a car accident and after a sports injury. Made me able to both sit for periods of time as well as being able to remain active!!”

–  name withheld

“I’ve been going to Dr. Chong for over 10 years. As a full-time oil and gas worker as well as a part-time personal trainer/business owner, I know the importance of chiropractic and how it helps me function at 100%. Dr. Chong keeps me informed on my progress and the ever changing services his office offers. I get an adjustment once every two weeks and it makes a huge difference. I haven’t been on seizure medication since 2000. Chiropractic works! Dr. Chong doesn’t just work on the neck and spine, he deals with joints as well. The service, friendly staff and affordability keep me happy and healthy. I recommend the Centre For Chiropractic Care to all my friends, co-workers, family and clients.”

C.G., Calgary

“My wife and I are very happy with the staff at Centre for Chiropractic Care (Crowfoot). Our first experience was at the end of August. My wife was having severe lower back pain and could almost not move. My wife has had a history of back problems, but this was much worse than normal.

We were able to see Dr. Alan Chong on very short notice. We went for one treatment a day, with an adjustment and laser therapy. My wife went from being almost immobile to nearly herself again in three days.

Her turnaround was nothing short of amazing. She continues with treatment in order to heal her back and hopefully we will see a reduction in the frequency and severity of any further issues.

We appreciate that Dr. Chong and the other staff are focused on spinal health for the long term and not just the quick fix for today’s pain.”

Jua J., Calgary

“As a retired 76 year old who has suffered and continued to suffer with a debilitating back problem, I am writing this to reveal that there is help out there. After reaching a point that I was unable to walk for short distances due to severe pain emanating from my lower back and extending down to my legs, I had to do something. Regular chiropractic treatments provided brief relief, but did not alleviate the problem.

After a series of x-rays and an MRI revealed compression between the L3& L4 discs and also between the L4&L5 discs. Consultation at the Spinal Clinic at the FoothillsHospital resulted with advice of surgery and cortisone injections. Neither of these options appealed to me and I subsequently investigated the viability of spinal decompression. After several inquiries I chose the Calgary Spinal Decompression Clinic due to the thorough information received by telephone.

 From the friendly atmosphere of the receptionists to Dr.Chong and his Associates, the experience is amazing. Dr.Chong emphasizes that this is not a cure, but helps alleviate the severe pain allowing a person to resume some normal activities such as walking. The DRX9000 machine along with laser treatment and back adjustments, have done this for me.”

George, Calgary

“When I entered into Dr. Chong’s practice my situation was dire with chronic neck pain and numerous symptoms associated with a degenerative condition from tingling to dizziness to ringing in the ears.  I learned of spinal decompression and chose Dr. Chong’s office.  With laser and regular follow-up treatment, my most serious symptoms have resolved.  Dr. Chong approached my case from an holistic perspective from which I have greatly benefited.  He and his support staff have offered hope, friendliness and professionalism throughout.”

Dawn, Calgary

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