We're spine experts. Chiropractic care can help you feel better from acute and chronic pains.
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Chiropractic is the right choice for you! We can help you feel better after a car accident or injury. We accept most major types of insurance by assignment or direct billing. Contact Us to learn more.

Do you have acute back pain, neck pain, or a pinched nerve? Urgent appointments available.

We help people like you experiencing acute pain or an injury to your spine or joints. Your quick relief can come by addressing the cause of your pain and then preventing a relapse by proper healing. Follow-up ensures that your painful problem is addressed specifically and thoroughly.

Acute injury, motor vehicle accident or sprain/strain?

Just let us know it’s urgent. If a fracture or dislocation has been ruled out at an urgent care centre, then one of our very qualified chiropractors can help you with a complete examination.

We’ll start with a thorough assessment, order x-rays or special tests as required. We understand. You need to know what to do to get better quickly, heal and stabilize your injuries so that you can get back to the activities you love.

We are spinal experts giving you timely, appropriate treatment, advice and exercises to help you rehabilitate your injury for a speedy recovery.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy has 3 Big Benefits for fast acting and lasting relief:

Cold Laser Therapy offered at both our DOWNTOWN & CROWFOOT locations.

  1. Laser therapy can relieve deep and acute pain on laser contact
  2. Laser Therapy can decrease inflammation and shrink tissue swelling
  3. Laser Therapy can accelerate healing by up to 200%

Be ahead of the pain with our popular and effective choice of Laser Therapy.

Ask us to see if it’s right for you.

Our Process

Pain free is the first goal to any treatment plan, second is to maintain pain free for longer and longer until full recovery and healing can take place. Long term follow up ensures proper healing. So that’s why we most often recommend follow-up care.

Chronic nagging backache or degenerative discs or joints slowing you down?

An accurate assessment by our very experienced chiropractors leads you to success in getting a chronic problem under control. We provide excellent natural relief options for chronic aches and pains. Although not all conditions such as osteoarthritis or degeneration are curable, we believe that optimal relief and function can go a long way to you enjoying a better quality of life. Many more good days than bad days is a big improvement for many of our patients.

Just needing an adjustment? …or a Spinal check-up? No problem…

We welcome New Patients on a check-up or transfer from another chiropractor basis. We know that you may be just needing to be adjusted. For your benefit and safety we will always do a proper history and examination to ensure we understand your health and your needs for chiropractic care. You will always benefit from the extra care and attention you receive at Centre for Chiropractic Care. And we give you our honest second opinion about your case and about your need for care.

It’s your care, your choice.

After all, the “Care” is about YOU.

Do you work in front of a computer all day long? or stare at a device slouched over?

If so, you’re at risk of developing a permanent “Hump” in your upper back.

Another name for this excessive postural curve is “kyphosis”. This abnormal curvature is due to chronic slouching as seen in computer and office-based workers.

Correction of this abnormal posture begins with proper chiropractic care to adjust for the abnormal alignment. Secondly is to improve the posture and ergonomics that contribute to this unattractive deformity. If treated with proper chiropractic adjustments, postural correction and exercises, in early onset, we believe it is correctable. Later stages and age related factors may make this a permanent deformity or a permanent “Hump”

Chiropractic Care for Kids

Children have spines. Chiropractic care is for kids too! Here’s why…

Look at the slouching and device use of our young people today!

Who is looking after the posture and alignment of your kids?

Chiropractic care for children is often on a check-up basis for prevention of spinal problems such as abnormal curvatures, poor posture, scoliosis and back pain. Research studies suggests children, especially active kids may experience back pain much as do adults.

Regular chiropractic can ensure healthier kids in general through ideal posture alignment and function. Doesn’t that make a lot of sense? Many studies have documented the benefits of a healthy well-aligned and properly functioning spine. From freedom from back pain to better posture and scoliosis prevention;

our chiropractors are on top of chiropractic for your kids.

Ask us about our Kid’s week.

Did you know that the most common cause of headaches is tension?

Tension in the neck and upper back muscles contribute to the vast majority of tension headaches. Yet many people still take pain medication instead of addressing the cause of their head pain. Simply address the cause for lasting relief and prevention.

That’s why chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, especially in combination are very effective for providing lasting relief for most tension related headaches. Migraine headaches are more complicated but chiropractic care has been effective for many migraine sufferers.

Pregnant or post pregnancy with back pain, hip or joint issues? We can help.

You’ve reached the right place. Many women like you may experience a range of discomfort to significant spinal, pelvic or hip joint pain as a result of the profound physical changes due to pregnancy. this is even more evident after one or more pregnancies. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective alternative treatment for pregnancy related back pain experienced in about 75% of all pregnant women.

There is efficient, effective relief available for you if you’re suffering from low back pain of pregnancy.

 Spinal Decompression

Significant spinal pain, persistent pinched nerve, sciatica, or a disc problem? Or are you faced with spinal injections or possible spinal surgery If you’ve sought other opinions or aren’t getting answers or good treatment results, consider an expert consultation at our spine centre clinic, Calgary Spinal Decompression Centre.

We know that if you’re suffering, you don’t want to be waiting weeks for help.

We make room for urgent consultations. For a detailed spine center consultation, contact us here.

Why Chiropractic?
  • Timely, Accurate Assessments
  • Corrective Focus on Underlying Cause
  • Downtown & Crowfoot, NW Locations
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Schedule Your Consultation

Let our staff help you decide a course of action for your health problem.  Simply call us or click to request a consultation appointment. Come in for a consultation to see if we might be able to help you. Your care is our care.

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Crowfoot Location

(403) 239-2245

#9, 400 Crowfoot Crescent NW,
Calgary, Alberta T3G 5H6, CANADA

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Downtown Location

(403) 237-5200

Main Floor, BP Centre
Suite 104, 240 4th Ave. SW

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