We inspire and assist you on your journey to wellness. We coach you in the pursuit of your wellness and help you be a healthier happier you.
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You want answers to your problem. Whether it be an acute painful injury, a chronic nagging pain, or a preventive or pediatric spinal check-up, we aim to provide you with honest straightforward answers.

Schedule Your Consultation

Let our staff help you decide a course of action for your health problem.  Simply call us or click to request a consultation appointment. Come in for a consultation to see if we might be able to help you. Your care is our care.

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We’re experts in the spine.

And we’ve been in practice long enough to prove it. *Centre for Chiropractic Care celebrated over 23 years as successful family Calgary Chiropractor clinics, helping you and your surrounding area. Many of our patients are willing to travel from well outside their communities to visit us.

We care about your first impression. You will feel comfortable with our clean, modern clinics and our friendly knowledgeable staff to accommodate you and your specific needs, even for urgent appointments. You can count  on a Chiropractor to provide a thorough history and examination; x-rays and special tests if needed to properly assess your condition.

We know that an accurate assessment ensures your best results. We offer the combined experience of over 53 years of helping patients get well and stay well.

We believe that a Chiropractor is about improving your Alignment and Function. Correct alignment of your spine.  The precise function of all your muscles bones, joints and nervous system are the most important wellness factors for a healthy spine and body.

Our first job is to listen. Next is an accurate assessment. Then our job is to offer concise help so that you can feel better and get well. The ideal goal is to help you stay healthy and feeling well.

With Chiropractic care, you can continue to feel better for longer and experience a greater sense of overall well-being than without it. Why is that? It’s because your spine needs specific care, exercises and healthy habits to stay well aligned and optimally functioning. It’s our job as your Chiropractor, your expert to call upon for spinal health issues, not your physician. One of the great benefits of proper alignment and function is a stronger, healthier, pain-free body.

At Centre for Chiropractic Care, non-drug and non-invasive approaches are used to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, naturally, treatments such as manual chiropractic, low force instrument adjusting such as activator methods, massage therapy, therapeutic laser, nutrition and homeopathic remedies. Our team of experts will advise you for best results.

*Centre for Chiropractic Care is a successful pair of clinics owned and operated by Alan M. Chong Professional Corporation which employs staff as independent contractors and employees.


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Contact Us

Crowfoot Location

(403) 239-2245

#9, 400 Crowfoot Crescent NW,
Calgary, Alberta T3G 5H6, CANADA

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Downtown Location

(403) 237-5200

Main Floor, BP Centre
Suite 104, 240 4th Ave. SW

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